i couldn’t hear and you didn’t talk. unlikely tears wrought out of my eyes.
snagged across smooth glass and still plugged in
a handful of weeds wrested from the settled soil of my chest
angelic in the screenglare

In the aether of the postdigital, embellishment is substance.
Manipulation, filtering, and retouching join conventional tools of composition and context -
gossamer connexions are drawn between the objects we touch, the spaces we inhabit, and the worlds we share online.

The works presented here have, each in their own way, accumulated a sublime presence through the erotic crafts of ornamentation and artifice.

Underground Flower hosts a collection of images as part of the Wrong Biennale alongside a physical presentation at the Estate, an antique dollhouse and exhibition space organized by evA l’avasseur.

Fancy's Own
September 2019